June 13, 2009 is WorldWide Knit in Public Day (WWKiP), an annual social event for knitters.   Events are also being held on June 14, making this a WWKiP Weekend.

Here is a description from the WWKiP web site:

“WWKiP Day is unique, in that it’s the largest knitter run event in the world.  Each local event is put together by a volunteer or a group of volunteers.

WWKiP Day is really about showing the general public that knitting can be a community activity in a very distinct way.  In some places there are many different knitting groups that never interact with each other, on WWKiP Day they come together in one place, making them hard to miss.”

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CraftStylish had a recent post on airline travel for knitters.  Below is the text from the TSA web site.

TSA info:  Transporting Knitting Needles & Needlepoint

Knitting needles are permitted in your carry-on baggage or checked baggage. However, there is a possibility that the needles can be perceived as a possible weapon by one of our Security Officers. Our Security Officers have the authority to determine if an item could be used as a weapon and may not allow said item to pass through security. We recommend the following when bring knitting needles on an airplane:

* Circular knitting needles are recommended to be less than 31 inches in total length
* We recommend that the needles be made of bamboo or plastic (Not Metal)
* Scissors must have blunt points
* In case a Security Officer does not allow your knitting tools through security it is recommended that you carry a self addressed envelope so that you can mail your tools back to yourself as opposed to surrendering them at the security check point.

Most of the items needed to pursue a Needlepoint project are permitted in your carry-on baggage or checked baggage with the exception of circular thread cutters or any cutter with a blade contained inside. These items cannot be taken through a security checkpoint. They must go in your checked baggage.

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How to recycle an old sock (preferably clean!!) into an iPod cover. I doubt I’ll jump on this one, but I thought it was cute.
From Instructables:

“This is an instructable about how to build a homemade iSock. An iSock is an iPod cover that is basicly a sock to cover your iPod, that Apple came out with. If you have an old sock thats clean and dosn’t have holes in it, you can “recycle” it into an iSock.”

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