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Unbelievable Tornado Outbreak This clip shows just one of the many tornadoes that swept through the mid and central US over the past two days:

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Yes, kids, Chris Cuomo’s father used to be the Governor of New York State!

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I thought this video was kind of lame until BAM! My jaw dropped as the powerful illusion is revealed. I (literally) never saw that coming. The video is by the talented optical illusion specialist brusspup. He posts links to materials …

T-Rex Optical Illusion Read More »

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Security footage showing a sinkhole forming, then swallowing cars on display at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Original story via Video posted on the Corvette Museum’s YouTube Channel

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Via FaithIt web site “Dorothy Custer is the definition of gumption. Listen to her tell the story of how she met her husband, then at 1:15 she reveals the secret to long life (btw, it’s the cutest thing ever).”

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via Huffington Post, Andrew M. Cuomo op-ed entitled “Restoring New York as a Leader in Women's Rights”

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My plant definitely needs help!  

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NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory created this video showing the dramatic New Year’s Eve solar eruption. NASA coverage of the December 31, 2012 eruption “Solar Ballet on the Sun” Download photos in NASA’s Image of the Day Gallery The home url …

Amazing Video of New Year’s Eve Solar Flare Read More »

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