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via Current via CNN The Netflix Bandit on trial: Specifically, Weathers admitted stealing Netflix movies — the DVDs in the bright red envelopes — as they were moving on a sorting belt through the postal facility to which he was …

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from filmmaker Stephen Thomson “The Robin’s Nest: A New Set of Circumstances” Stephen posted this description on Current: Plomomedia’s environmental focus brings original music and the imagery of San Francisco (including its 2007 oil spill) to the sampled voice of …

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via Freedocumentaries.org

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Embedded video from CNN Video

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The Library of Congress has a fairly new YouTube channel where they are posting their holdings.  Below is one of their historic industrial films from the Westinghouse Works, produced in April-May 1904. Panorama Exterior Westinghouse Works Running time: 6:04

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via Wired very interesting to watch the patterns change with the time lapses

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