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Angry Birds fever continues via TUAW The Unofficial Apple Weblog one fan created a “live” version of the Angry Birds iPhone game using balls, clay, eggs, slingshots and cardboard boxes

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via Freedocumentaries.org

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Despite a majority of fans voting for Betty Cooper to be his choice, comic-book character Archie Andrews will pop the question to well-off Veronica Lodge. Talk about it being “about time” — they’ve been dating on/off for 68 years.

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This photo shows Michael Jackson at the opening of “The Wiz” in 1978. via MSNBC slide show

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Posted earlier on Current Guest-editor Stephen Colbert devotes this week’s issue of NEWSWEEK to the subject of Iraq, coinciding with the airing of four Colbert Report episodes taped in Baghdad.

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The first ever ColdPlay phone wave

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You know how sometimes you’ll be looking for something on the web and you end up somewhere completely unrelated to your search, and have no idea how you got there?  yeah, well, that’s how i stumbled across the Morey Amsterdam …

whoa — its the human joke machine on TV4U Read More »

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CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive – Jon Stewart lectures reporters on coverage « – Blogs from CNN.com

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