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Bulletproof iPhone case via Instructables …with an Apple logo, of course!!!  

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Angry Birds fever continues via TUAW The Unofficial Apple Weblog one fan created a “live” version of the Angry Birds iPhone game using balls, clay, eggs, slingshots and cardboard boxes

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via Costume Pop

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Got a Macquarium? Photos, home museums pay tribute to Macs – CNN.com The Mac Museum Happy 25th Birthday Mac 25 Ways to Celebrate CNet: The Mac at 25

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Charlie Rose Bravely Smashes His Face To Save MacBook Air http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/03/17/charlie-rose-face-plants-to-save-his-macbook-air/ “Viewers of the Charlie Rose show tonight were stunned to see the normally composed Rose looking like he’d just been in a bar fight. He has a very bad …

Black Eye for Charlie; MacBook Air Saved Read More »

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Dan Budiac, a New York web developer, was the winning bidder for a new-in-the-box Apple IIc, paying $2553 plus shipping. His Flikr album shows the unboxing. http://www.flickr.com/photos/dansays/sets/72157603835099525/

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How to recycle an old sock (preferably clean!!) into an iPod cover. I doubt I’ll jump on this one, but I thought it was cute. From Instructables: “This is an instructable about how to build a homemade iSock. An iSock …

How to Make an iSock Read More »

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Via Pingdom “Old Apples never get rotten – instead they run the Web November 30, 2007Apple and the Macintosh computers have a loyal following dating back long before the first iPod ever hit the streets. There are millions of old …

Old Macs Still Serve Read More »

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