Via The Climate Reality Project‘s 24 Hours of Reality & Thunderclap:

“On October 22 & 23 The Climate Reality Project is bringing the world together for the largest ever discussion about carbon pollution and what it will take to solve the climate crisis once and for all: putting a price on carbon.

Our Thunderclap will help make people connect the dots between carbon pollution and what it is costing us by getting them to tune into 24 Hours of Reality: The Cost of Carbon.”

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via Skeptical Science

Skeptical Science also has a great discussion on the recent “cooling” misinformation that has come out in advance of the IPCC report:

How “Skeptics” view arctic sea ice decline (animated gif)
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“Dirty Energy has created a world of Dirty Weather. Yet as the climate crisis deepens, the oil, coal, and gas industries continue to rake in record profits. We’re calling for it to stop.

“It’s time to use your power. It’s time to use your voice. Join us and speak out, so you can inform and inspire others to demand action from our leaders. Sign the Climate Reality Pledge:

The Climate Reality Pledge – Climate Reality



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