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Trend is driven by young hobbyists and green entrepreneurs:

“Honey from city hives makes its way into swanky restaurant kitchens and behind the bar, where it’s mixed into cocktails or stars as an ingredient in honey wine…City governments, won over by beekeepers’ passion, are easing restrictions. In recent years, New York, Denver, Milwaukee and Santa Monica have made beekeeping legal. The Backwards Beekeepers group is working to legalize beekeeping in Los Angeles.”


from filmmaker Stephen Thomson “The Robin’s Nest: A New Set of Circumstances”
Stephen posted this description on Current:

Plomomedia’s environmental focus brings original music and the imagery of San Francisco (including its 2007 oil spill) to the sampled voice of Janine Benyus, author of “Biomimicry” as she likens man-made technology to other natural processes. “Our technologies are natural,” she states. “The question is: how well adapted are they?”
Footage shot from 2007-2009 at San Francisco’s Sutro Park, Ocean Beach, Land’s End, and elsewhere along the coast.