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Bees Communicate With Electric Fields – Slashdot.

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via fwdailynews.com AP Content Trend is driven by young hobbyists and green entrepreneurs: “Honey from city hives makes its way into swanky restaurant kitchens and behind the bar, where it’s mixed into cocktails or stars as an ingredient in honey …

Urban Beekeeping is Thriving Read More »

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Bee Catastrophe: 1/3 of Colonies Died This Winter, Worries Grow About Terminal Decline | | AlterNet // Current.

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From US News Washington Whispers: In advance of a House hearing on the status of colony collapse disorder, the name given to the disappearing bee syndrome, some 21 House and Senate Democrats and Republicans will join Burt’s Bees and Häagen …

Congress Joins Fight to Save the Honey Bees Read More »

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Air pollution interferes with the ability of bees and other insects to follow the scent of flowers to their source, undermining the essential process of pollination, a study by three University of Virginia researchers suggests. via Washington Post

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I was reading up on the honeybee die-off known as colony collapse disorder (CCD) and found a couple of sites to bookmark: American Beekeeping Federation (http://www.abfnet.org/) Foundation for the Preservation of the HoneyBee (http://www.honeybeepreservation.org/)

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 Full article at The NYTimes “Today, the couple’s quirky enterprise is owned by the Clorox Company, a consumer products giant best known for making bleach, which bought it for $913 million in November. Clorox plans to turn Burt’s Bees into …

Burts Bees & the Greening of Clorox Read More »

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